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The woi'ewoda in time of war summoned the people to arms, and led them in person to the place where the whole army tiffany outlet of the country was to be united or to tory burch flats meet the enemy. The internal administration of the tiffany outlet cities and communes, in the provinces, was tiffany & co outlet made by boards and dumas, elected by the inhabitants, under the sanction and direction of the wo'iewoda. tory burch sale He corresponded directly with the tiffany and co outlet sovereign and his duma. In the duma the current business was performed tiffany and co outlet by clerks of the council. Their name was dumny diak or diatschek. They were really the laborious and intellectual part of the council, and thus very influential and much respected, while their hierarchal standing was very high. Peter the Great principally modelled his administrative tiffany and co outlet reforms on the Swedish and partly on the Dutch standard. He introduced various boards, or colleges, for internal tory burch shoes inferior administration, and for some offices maintained even their foreign denomination. Thus, for assessor of college, tory burch outlet Kolejskiy tiffany outlet assessor.

Nay, even from the Chinese, Peter borrowed the official classification of the civil and military service,* imitating thus that of the Mandarins. By this classification the precedency and social superiority was no more lodged in the nobiliar title, but became dependent on tiffany outlet the degree reached in the public service by this halfsocial, half-official ladder. Even the inheritance of the nobiliar privilege was made to depend on the public service, as tiffany jewelry outlet well as the intitulations as, for example, tiffany and co outlet those of well-born, high well-born, excellency, illustris, illustrissimus, c., attached to the official dignity, and not to that derived from birth.

A prince, kniaz, however, tiffany & co outlet and a count maintain their special intitulation, that of serenissime, through all degrees of the service. * See Appendix B. Peter did this to force tiffany & co outlet the boyards to go through all the classes of the public service, which from ancient times belonged exclusively to the nobility. Previous to his reign, the nobles not only evaded and refused to serve in the lower public offices, but refused to serve or to obey even in war tiffany & co outlet any one of more recent nobiliar title. This struggle, or contest for precedence, is known tiffany jewelry outlet in the Russian history under the name of miestnitschestwo.


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