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Post  illbani on Fri May 27, 2011 9:03 pm

To stop this, Alexis, the father of Peter, had already ordered the nobility to show him all their pedigrees, and had burnt them publicly in Moscow. By the introduction of this classification, every nobleman belongs to the service and to one of the classes whence he derives his standing. Even the right tory burch shoes to be admitted to the court depends on this. This right, for those who do not belong to the civil or tiffany and co outlet military household of the sovereign, begins with the fourth class, that of the real councillor of state, dieystwitelnyi statskij sowietrak. Their wives share this privilege, but not their children. The tiffany and co outlet dignity of a Tcniaz or count, without that derived from office, does not open the doors of the court. All supreme governmental, administrative, judiciary. and legislative powers, reside, of course, undivided, and were so for long centuries, in the person of the Autocrat. Thus the ancient duma possessed no independent attributes. Peter abolished the duma, and replaced it by a board called the Senate.

This was only a change of tiffany and co outlet a national for a foreign denomination, as the tiffany & co outlet Russian Senate has none of the powers connected with the senatorial tiffany jewelry outlet dignity, as generally understood. tory burch sale Peter often presided in his Senate, which is a strictly executive and supreme branch of the- administration. Its name of prawitehtwuiouschtschyi Senat (governing senate) proclaims this. It, in this respect, was and is the arm of the autocrat. Under the reign of the Empress Anna, a Council of the Empire was formed, and the personal contact ot the sovereign tiffany jewelry outlet with the tiffany outlet Senate annulled for ever. The sovereigns now are surrounded by this council, and do the work with the ministers.

The council is sometimes presided tiffany & co outlet over by tiffany & co outlet the sovereign, who fills it with tiffany and co outlet individuals according to his personal choice and will. It has a president and tiffany outlet a tiffany & co outlet vice-president. It deliberates and decides in all matters, whether administrative, legislative, or judiciary, which are sent to it by the Emperor. tiffany outlet The decisions are by vote. But the proceedings are submitted to the sovereign, who decides between the majority and the minority, or substitutes for both his tiffany outlet special pe rsonal decision. This becomes law. All the ministers or secretaries of state are members of the council. They form in it a separate committee of ministers, tory burch outlet where certain subjects are debated tory burch flats previously to their being submitted to the general council.


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