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The council is subdivided into special divisions. tiffany and co outlet In addition tory burch shoes to the council and the various state departments, there is a tory burch sale personal Imperial Chancery, divided into tiffany jewelry outlet various branches. Their chiefs are sometimes ministers and if not, they take tiffany outlet precedence of them. These branches prepare all matters connected with the supreme power, and elucidate and elaborate them for the decision tiffany and tiffany outlet co outlet of the imperial chancery. Among the branches of this chancery there is, for example, that of request and grace, where all the petitions directed to the sovereign are referred. Thus even appeals from the supreme judicial decisions come under the attributes of this branch. The judgments are investigated and documents read there, then submitted to the Emperor, who can decide on them alone, or send them to be deliberated upon by the Council of the Empire. In another branch resides what would be named the legislative power. This branch is called that of the law. There all laws are projected and elaborated, submitted then by the sovereign to the committee of the ministers, and then to the tiffany outlet council.

Another branch is that of the general police, principally devoted to the espionage or spy-system. This is the favourite one at the present moment. One of tiffany & co outlet the departments of this chancery directs and administers the crown domain with about twenty-two millions of population another presides over the imperial stud, c. The various state tiffany & co outlet departments and those of the personal chancery form in all eighteen branches, all under the personal and supreme direction of the sovereign. To this must be added the separated administrations of Poland, Finland, Caucasus, and Georgia, whose tory burch flats chiefs depend directly tiffany & co outlet on the Emperor. The secretaries for these administrations, the directors of the chancery, and the ministers, report tiffany and co outlet personally to the sovereign. Each has special days and hours for this, at least once a week. At a time appointed, the special tiffany & co outlet tory burch outlet matters must be brought elaborated and ready for decision. The minister of foreign affairs, that of the war department, and tiffany and co outlet of the police, have alone access to the sov ereign day and tiffany jewelry outlet night. It is evident that whatever may or could be the mental capacities of a sovereign, his decisions, concerning very often insignificant and personal matters, as well as others of great weight and influence tiffany outlet over the destiny of millions, can rarely be thoroughly and satisfactorily matured.


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