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Post  illbani on Fri May 27, 2011 9:05 pm

Every subject comes before him, even the drawings and plans of the tory burch outlet most insignificant public buildings. Personal punishments and rewards of the innumerable crowds of civil and military officers, are decided by his will. Any public accident in the empire ought to be reported to him. Every member of the chain of the administration evades, as much as possible, taking the responsibility of an act which could displease in any way or other, and thus asks the decision of that one above him. Thus the tiffany and co outlet question ascends from degree to degree, until it reaches the Emperor tiffany & co outlet himself. In proportion as the empire extends, the internal administration becomes more and more complex, as new wants start tiffany outlet into existence almost daily, and necessarily to be satisfied in some way or other, as well for the sake tiffany and co outlet of the ruled as of the ruler.

tiffany jewelry outlet Whatever may be the mag nitude and the strength tiffany outlet of the autocratic grasp, it is clear that to encircle everything becomes more and more impossible. Neither time nor human strength are sufficient for such a superhuman task. Thus the decisions of the sovereign naturally depend nearly exclusively upon the way in which the subject is laid before him. In most tiffany and co outlet cases he either yields, or wholly submits to the opinion of the reporting minister. Thus the real power, especially concerning personal matters, is in the hands of the ministers and tory burch flats this is the tiffany jewelry outlet source of many tiffany & co outlet acts of injustice, which loudly call for correction. Next to the Council of the Empire and the Ministers come the body of the Senate. Its origin has tory burch sale been tory burch shoes already mentioned. Its attributes are various and complicated. It is the chief regulator of the administrative machinery.

All imperial ukases and decisions, concerning general as well as special personal matters, are addressed and sent to the Senate for promulgation and execution. The Senate has a president of general meetings. It is divided into several departments, extending its ramification to Moscow and Warsaw, where there are s eparate departments tiffany & co outlet of the Senate, with judicial, civil, and criminal powers. The Senate forms the Supreme Court in tiffany outlet all such matters, and from its decisions appeal can be made tiffany and co outlet only to the sovereign. The Senate i3 tiffany outlet the disciplinary court for all civil officers of whatever rank. tiffany & co outlet The Minister of Justice fills the duty of Procurator or Attorney-General of the Senate.


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