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Tbe pulse is often very frequent, much more so than is usual in the former variety but it is also very feeble, yielding readily to pressure, and sometimes, when rather full, imparting a sensation to the finger almost as if the vessel were filled with air. Though the heat of the surface may be greatly increased, yet it is hermes kelly uncertain, frequently alternating with coolness or one part of the body is cold while another is hot and the excitement is apt to give way to prostration or collapse. The tongue is generally dryish or quite dry, and covered with a dark fur hermes bags and sordes collect about the teeth.

The sensorial functions are always impaired. Stupor and coma, or delirium, are common and the delirium is usually of a low muttering kind, indicating rather an enfeebled state of the brain than over excitement. This condition of fever is called typhous, and sometimes asthenic, or by the French, adynamic. It is not essentially a distinct disease but may occur in any febrile hermes birkin affection, even though resulting from inflammation, if the vital forces are greatly reduced. Thus, we occasionally have this condition of fever, not only in the diseases commonly known as typhus and typhoid hermes outlet fevers, but also in intermittents, in bilious remittents, in the various exanthemata, as smallpox and scarlatina, and in symptomatic fevers, as pneumonia and dysentery. Care should be taken to distinguish the term typhous, as applied to hermes handbags this state of fever, from the hermes birkin term typhus, which is employed to designate a particular febrile complaint, having peculiar causes and a distinct course.

Besides the two grades hermes kelly of fever above described, there are often intermediate or mixed conditions, of which hermes bags it is difficult to say to which they hermes handbags belong. Very often, the fever is inflammatory at the beginning, and typhous near the close. To this state of fever the name of synochus was given by Cullen, hermes outlet who has been followed by most English authors in his nomenclature.


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