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Post  cheeryry on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:55 am

It is possible also for fever to be attended with great debility and even prostration, without the peculiar phenomena which are considered characteristics of the typhous state as stupor, low delirium, dry tongue, sordes about the teeth, a dark hue of the surface, c. It is probable that the difference depends on the state of the blood, a special derangement of which, there is every reason to believe, gives rise to the proper typhous symptoms. The state of the vital forces on which these different grades depend may pre-exist, hermes kelly or may be induced by the cause or causes of the fever itself. hermes kelly Whatever tends to increase the powers of the system predisposes to the inflammatory condition of fever whatever diminishes these powers, to the adynamic.

Thus, vigorous exercise, pure air, a cheerful mind, a good appetite, and a full diet, place the system in a condition, hermes outlet partly through their invigorating influence upon the solids, partly by the rich fibrinous bright-red blood which they produce, to assume the inflammatory grade of fever, when exposed to causes capable of inducing that affection. On the contrary, conftaement, impure air, mental dejection, bad living, and the depressing influence hermes handbags of long-continued cold, of sulphuretted hydrogen, and of other sedative igents, produce a general deterioration of health, a languor in all the vital functions, and an impoverished or depraved condition of the blood, which very generally give to fever, by whatever cause induced, the low, asthenic, or typhous character.

* But it also not unfrequently happens that the exciting cause of the fever is itself of hermes outlet a depressing nature, in relation to some at least of the vital functions, and that a typhous hermes birkin condition of the system, as well as the febrile movement, hermes birkin results directly from its operation. Such, beyond all doubt, is the case with hermes handbags the poisonous effluvia which cause hermes bags the proper typhus fever, and, hermes bags to a certain extent, also, that which produces scarlatina.


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