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It is not improbable that these depressing agents operate, in some measure, in producing the tendency to prostration, by destroying the healthy character of hermes handbags the blood. At hermes kelly least, it is certain that the blood is often very much deprtved in low cases of fever, and must contribute to the prostration by its softness for supporting the vital actions although it is difficult to say how fir its peculiarity depends on the direct action of the cause, and how far upon the deranged actions of the various orgaus which the cause has put into movement. Before leaving this branch of the subject, I wish again to impress upon the reader that the terms inflammatory, synodiwu, and typhous, as applied to fever, are merely expressive of different states of this affection, and not of dutiuct febrile diseases.

4. Relation of Fever to Inflammation. In fevere of every type and every grade, inflammation of one or more organs is very often observed, although, as may be inferred from what has been already said, the author does not believe that there is any necessary hermes outlet connexion between fever and that affection and the fact appears to be, that the former hermes birkin frequently runs hermes outlet its whole course, without any positive proof, or even any strong probability, of the existence of the latter.

Sometimes, the iwociation of inflammation with fever is purely accidental ns, for example, wbtn a febrile complaint is occasioned by some peculiar cause, in persons previously afleeted hermes birkin with inflammation hermes bags or when the latter affection is produced by violence, or other extraneous cause, during the progress of fever. In all cases not purely accidental, inflammation co-existing with fever may hermes kelly be considered as bearing towards it one of these three relations. hermes bags It is either 1. the effect of the fever, or 2. the direct result of the same cause that produces the fever, or 3. the cause of the fever. hermes handbags 1. That inflammation should result from the febrile movement is nothing more than might be expected from a knowledge of the causes and characters of these two disorders.


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