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Post  cheeryry on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:06 am

hermes outlet How it is that the organic derangement of an inflamed part is so much more provocate of fever than the functional disorder hermes outlet of the same part, in a state of irritation, must be explained chiefly by reference to the greater intensity of the former affection, and its consequently more powerful appeal to the sympathies hot it is probable, also, that the change in the mass of blood, which aequires an increased proportion of fibrin during inflammation, may have something to do with the hermes kelly result.

The facility with which irritation or inflammation may produce fever depends much upon the predisposition of the system. Sometimes, a slight degree of either will give rise to the febrile movement in other instances, the system scarcely seems to feel them when extensive or intense. It is obvious, therefore, that some conditions of hermes birkin system in apparent health must be favourable, and others unfavourable to fever. In what these conditions consist is not well understood. They hermes handbags probably sometimes depend upon an unknown state of the nervous system, rendering the sympathies more or less active than usual sometimes on the condition of the blood, which may in one case be more hermes birkin stimulant, and in the other less so than in perfect health.

It is highly probable that the retention of various recrementilious substances in the blood may give to that laid an irritating character, which may greatly favour the influence of some additional irritation, thus constituting hermes bags a strong predisposition to fever and it u not impossible that such an accumulation of unhealthy matters in the bloodvessels may of itself hermes handbags produce fever. But all this is more or hermes bags less conjectural. Wt are in want of facts upon which to found a demonstration. There is, however, one well-ascertained condition, which frequently serves as the predispolition to febrile attacks. An irritation or inflammation is occasionally quite litem, insufficient to involve hermes kelly the system, and scarcely even attracting the serious attention of the patient.


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