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the power, either of assimilating, in some degree, to its own nature, by a sort of chemical action, the blood with which it circulates, or of so affecting the solids as to enable them to produce, out of the materials upon which they act, a similar substance, capable of hermes bags continuing the primary impression hermes outlet until the system has become thoroughly accustomed to the new influence, as may hermes birkin be supposed to be the case in the contagious fevers all these arc questions which have been much agitated, but never satisfactorily solved.

The causes hermes handbags of such fevers may all be arranged, so far as they are known, under the heads of miasmata, contagion, and epidemic influence. Our knowledge in relation to the true nature of these causes is exceedingly vague and uncertain,' and the real agents have never been isolated but their origin, their modes of action, and the laws which regulate them, hermes birkin have been industriously investigated, and are to a certain extent known. As I shall have occasion to consider them particularly, in the chapter upon the general causes of disease, it is unnecessary to dwell upon them here. 6. Theories of Fever.

Upon a subject so important as fever, which has occupied hermes outlet so much of the attention of writers on medicine, in all ages, it is deemed proper, even in an elementary work like the present, to give a sketch of the most prominent opinions which have been entertained in hermes kelly relation to it, especially as in these opinions are involved, hermes handbags for the most part, the general medical doctrines of the times when they prevailed. Humoral Pathology. The first hypothesis broached hermes kelly in relation to fever, and that which continued longest to command the faith of the medical world, ascribed it to a disordered condition of the fluids of the body. Hippocrates considered increased heat to be the essence of fever, and its proximate cause to hermes bags be a superabundance of the bile, the black bile (atrabilis), the phlegm, or the blood.



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