Wc had arrived during the night at one of the many inland cu

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Wc had arrived during the night at one of the many inland cu

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The canal was found generally to have over five fathoms of water in the middle, and from three to four fathoms within forty feet of the bank. The width of the stream flowing through it was two hundred and fifty or three hundred yards at the time of our visit, while at its junction with the Yangtz', its breadth was five hundred or six Marc Jacobs hundred yards. This was during high water during the season of low water, in 1861, Captain Blakistone found it to be only one hundred yards broad at the entrance. The current from the Yangtz' to the' Tung-ting lake was very strong.
We were again upon the broad, swift stream of the Yangtz', or, as it is called in this part of its course, the Kin-sha Kiang the river of golden sand a name derived from the gold washings which occur along its course through Sz'chuen and Yunnan. An incident occurred during our journey through the canal, which was followed by some little annoyance. Wc had arrived during the night at one of the many inland custom-houses at which duties and tonnage dues are collected on all shipping. Having to wait till duylight for the arrival of the officials, we found ourselves in the morning surrounded by a number of junks which had come in during the night. Among these was one which carried a flag with the inscription, "Great French Nation.
" Knowing that M. Simon, a French gentleman, who was studying the agriculture and horticulture of China, was at that moment travelling on Tiffany outlet the Yangtz', and thinking that a meeting would be not less agreeable to him than to us, I addressed a polite note to him, which we sent Tiffany and co outlet on board by Mr. Cox's Chinese writer. He soon returned, tiffany and co accompanied by a Chinaman, who informed us that M. Simon and his companion had taken another boat for their journey, and that the one which we had seen was then on the way to Changsha, carrying some wine. The man showed great trepidation, and betrayed throughout the fact that he was lying.


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