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Post  shalou on Tue May 24, 2011 12:49 am

Jurgen Andersen, hermes outlet who visited the states of the great mogul in 1646, gives an account in his Travels, of such a combat with animals, which he witnessed at Agra, the residence of the great mogul. His description affords a lively image of those bloody spectacles in which ancient Rome look so much pleasure, and to which the hermes kelly above words of the apostle refer. Alamardan-Chan, the governor hermes handbags of Cashmire, who sat among the chans, stood up, and exclaimed, "It is the will and desire of the great mogul, Schah Choram, that if there are any valiant heroes who will show their bravery by combating with wild beasts, armed with shield and sword, let them come for* ward if they conquer, the mogul will load them with great favour, and clothe their countenance with gladness.

" Upon this three persons advanced, and ottered to undertake the combat. Alamardan-Chan again cried aloud, "None should have any other weapon than a shield and a sword, and whosoever has a breastplate under his clothes, should lay it aside and fight honourably." Hereupon a powerful lion was let into the garden, and one of the three men abovementioned advanced against hermes birkin him the lion, on seeing his enemy, ran violently np to him the man however defended himself bravely, and kept off the lion for a good while, till his arms grew tired the lion then seized the shield with one paw, and with the other his antagonist's right arm, so that he was not able to use his weapon the latter, seeing his life.

in danger, took with his left hand his Indian dagger, hermes bags which he had sticking in his girdle, and thrust it as far as possible into the lion's month the Hon then let him go the man however was nol idle, but cut the lion almost through with one stroke, and after that entirely to pieces.


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