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Post  shalou on Tue May 24, 2011 1:00 am

" Lempriere hermes outlet says, that in Morocco insane persons form a peculiar class of saints. The Moors believe that such men are under the especial protection of God. They consequently find everywhere compassion and support. To treat their excesses with rigour is thought to be as criminal as to lay hands on the person of the emperor. The consequence of this ill-judged humanity is, that worthless vagabonds feign lunacy, and commit the greatest crimes, no one venturing lo hinder them. A lunatic of this description went about without restraint hermes handbags in Morocco, who, under the appearance of being immersed in his devotions, strangled with his rosary several persons who came too near him.

Stephen Schultz relates a story of a Franciscan monk, who, being pursued by the populace in the streets hermes kelly of Alexandria, saved himself by feigning madness, dancing and playing strange antics, so that he not only escaped the shower of stones that threatened his life, but was treated with the greatest respect. CEdmann applies these observations to illustrate the words of the apostle in the above passage. Paul's adversaries in Corinth, endeavoured to lessen the reputation he enjoyed, by extolling their own merits. He therefore found it necessary to compare hermes birkin his merits with those which these people assumed, such self-praise he declares to be folly but as it was extorted from him, he requests them to judge favourably, or at least to grant him the indulgence which they afford to a man whose mental faculties were deranged. "You are accustomed," says he, " to treat mental weakness with hermes bags indulgence, to give proof of your own understanding. You disregard it, when such an idiot in his madness treats you as slaves, consumes.


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