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Post  illbani on Fri May 27, 2011 8:47 pm

This offered another occasion to invest profitably the surplus funds of the Emperor, as the interest paid tiffany jewelry outlet for this loan exceeded tory burch outlet that received from France. We must add that the whole of this noisy financial operation was duly appreciated by the sober part of the nation, and by no tiffany outlet means excited their admiration so much as it did that tiffany outlet of foreigners. The wants of the treasury increase almost daily, and to meet them taxes are levied on tiffany outlet the citizens or burghers, the peasants, and the serfs of the crown domain. The approximative revenues of the empire amount, as already stated, to one tiffany and co outlet hundred and thirty millions of dollars.

The national debt is nearly three hundred and twenty millions of dollars. The yearly interest thereon is more than twenty millions of dollars, a little more than six per cent, on the whole. The war of Hungary contributed mightily to drain the already depleted treasury. tory burch shoes This war, and tiffany outlet all tiffany and co outlet the tiffany & co outlet military manifestations since, outrun considerably the current revenues the real official resources of the Government. It is tory burch flats true, that in case of need, extraordinary measures can be resorted to. tiffany & co outlet The banks and their deposits are within the grasp of the needy tory burch sale rulers, who resort to them, and will do so more and more, whatever may be officially said to the contrary.

There are no accumulated savings in the treasury, no possibility tiffany & co outlet to make such, and no thought of it. tiffany & co outlet Every year there is published a po mpous tiffany jewelry outlet announcement of a deposit of bullion from the mines, made in the presence of an official deputation from the merchants of St. Petersburg, in the vaults of the fortress of Peter and Paul. This tiffany and co outlet bullion is announced as representing or giving security to the paper currency in circulation. But this circulation is perfectly arbitrary, and the Government, in putting it forth, is entirely free from control. The proportion of bills to the deposited metal is, at least, as three to one. This bullion deposit was used for the war of Hungary, and thus reduced to a great extent tiffany and co outlet but the emission of bank-bills was proportionally augmented. This fact, without being publicly spoken of, is well known in Russia.


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