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Post  illbani on Fri May 27, 2011 8:49 pm

As to the confidence enjoyed by the bankbills, it has tiffany outlet its source tiffany and co outlet in the confidence of the nation, in its own vitality, as well as in commercial exigencies. The colossal tory burch flats internal trade throughout the tory burch outlet whole Empire, extending, tiffany outlet as it does, from the frontiers of Germany to Katai, and from the frozen ocean to the boundaries of Persia and Arabia, does not receive the aid of private or public bank-drafts or of bills of exchange drawn by merchants, and serving as a circulating medium but is almost exclusively carried on either by barter or for ready money. The bankinghouses in the several cities on the Baltic, and those in Moscow, Odessa, and Petersburg, are rather for the convenience of the foreign trade. A wealthy merchant, for example, from Moscow or Petersburg, tiffany & co outlet making purchases of breadstuffs, tiffany jewelry outlet flax, ashes, tallow, hides, c.

, in the interior of the Empire, must carry with him, or through tiffany & co tiffany jewelry outlet outlet his agents, hundreds of thousands in money, to pay instantly on the spot tiffany & co outlet to the smaller merchants in the interior. When he has brought his merchandise to the plaee of exportation, he sells it to the foreign exporter mostly again for ready money. Few, if any, Russians are themselves exporters. Now, it is easy to conceive, that when travelling, the carrying about one's person tiffany and co outlet of such considerable sums is easier, and above all safer, in paper money than it could be in tiffany outlet coin. Here is the great arcanum of the credit of the bills, notwithstanding their excessive emission in proportion tiffany & co outlet to the tiffany outlet basis on which they are issued.

At all the great internal fairs at which tradesmen meet together, from all parts of the Empire as well as from the far East as, for example, at tory burch sale that of Nis chnei-Novgorod tiffany and co outlet no drafts, no bills of exchange are to be seen and yet, notwithstanding the imperious necessity of a paper currency, the moment may come when the trade will be unable to uphold the credit of the bills, and bankruptcy will ensue, morally as well tiffany and co outlet as financially. tory burch shoes Czarism, or rather the Czar himself, pushed on by unavoidable fatality, has sown mighty germs of disorder in the nation. He was the first to raise the spy system to the supreme honours of the Court, and to introduce it into the Imperial Councils.


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