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Post  illbani on Fri May 27, 2011 8:54 pm

He even for the first time in his life forgave, on that event, the house tiffany outlet of Hapsburg for the most cruel, the most deadly offence which could tiffany and co outlet have been inflicted on the heart and feelings of a father, and on the honour of a man. Once he tiffany & co outlet recognised the idea of the supremacy of the tiffany & co outlet law. This was something. It was a recognition of the persona juris in his subjects. But now the law is himself, tiffany outlet his will, his wish. tiffany & co outlet Thus he is the only persona in the Empire others are in reality merely things and persons so far as his will allows them to be such, so long as they submit to tiffany and co outlet move within the iron limits of his whims and of his narrowing notions.

Intellectual life even physical life can be allowed to exist only so far as they assimilate themselves and support the control exercised by Czarism. But Nicholas has stretched the reins to such a rigidity that everybody is hurt and wounded, from the magnate down to the serf. Every class feels the debasement feels that by him all vitality, all individuality except his own, are absorbed or annihilated. Nearly seventy millions of human beings are, after all, mere chattels, living only for him tiffany and co outlet and through his imperial concession. It is tory burch sale so now but tiffany & co outlet last it cannot. This tiffany outlet tension will break the reins, if not in his own tiffany jewelry outlet hands, in those of his tory burch flats successor. Those who pronounce his name with a curse are numerous, and belong to all social classes and more numerous tiffany and co outlet are they who are choked by the words "Czar" and "Nicholas" and never stain tory burch shoes their lips with them. These unyielding elements I will tiffany outlet hereafter point out and enumerate.

Thus the brilliancy which surrounds this man, tiffany jewelry outlet and which is admired from a distance, and worshipped by the retrogrades and absolutists, is spurious, or at least it is the last tory burch outlet glimmer cast by the falling meteor. The body gnawed by consumption corruscates the most brilliant hue jus t before the knell of death. So it is with Czarism, or else there would be neither truth, justice, nor logic in the creation.


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