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Post  cheeryry on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:05 am

The various organs of hermes birkin the system are so counected by sympathy, or by mutual dependence, that they may be all brought into derangement by a certain amount of disease in one, or in any number of them. A slight affection, of hermes handbags small extent, is generally insufficient to rouse these sympathies, and therefore continues local. But, if the affection involve several organs, even though slight in degree, it may extend to the whole, and give rise to general disorder. Any cause, therefore, capable of inducing irritation ia any considerable number of organs, or over any considerable portion of the body, either by a direct impression, or by the reaction which follows depression, or by the super-excitement in certain parts resulting from depression in others, may occasion universal derangement, and consequently fever.

It has before been stated that a hermes kelly slight disorder of the functions, vanishing almost as soon as it occurs, without leaving injurious results behind it, can scarcely be accounted discase. This is true of the whole as well as of a part and a hermes bags general derangement of the system, in order to constitute fever, must have a hermes kelly certain hermes outlet duration. The cause, therefore, to be entitled to that name, must not be quite fugitive in its action. It follows, from what has been said, hermes handbags that all the causes of irritation and depression, not quite local or circumscribed in hermes bags their influence, may prove causes of fever.

(See Irritation and Depression.) When inflammation becomes established, it continues for a certain length of time, and runs its course independently of its cause. It is the inflammation, therefore, and not the agent which produced the inflammation, that must be considered as the cause of the hermes birkin resulting fever. In northern latitudes, there is certainly no cause so operative as this. The fevers from inflammation probably exceed in number those which arise from all other hermes outlet causes put together.


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